We are Lovers of Africa with the ambition to let you feel the rhythm of this bewitching continent

“Once you have visited this place, your heart will forever beat to the rhythm of an African drum.”
– Unknown

With over 25 years of experience in organizing trips, we master all types of accommodation bookings, transport, visits… essential technical features that are now trivialized by many players over the Internet. Our business core lies therefore well beyond a traditional reservation service since our purpose is to assist you in setting up your travel plans by sharing with you our experience in the field and our experience there.

We are furthermore a group of European travel experts, from France, Italy, and Spain, having spent many years living in Africa. Who better to organise an African adventure for you than those who know where you come from and where you are going?

By analyzing together the idea that you have of your trip, of what you dream to live and share with your companions, we will determine the best time to travel, the ideal length of each leg, the rooms that best suit your needs in each hotel or lodge, suitable means of transport and if you wish, once on-site, our personalized Concierge Service will be at your disposal daily so you can fully enjoy your discovery without a care ub the world!

Let’s write together the pages of your personal travel novel about savannahs and the many sounds of the bush: sometimes following the footsteps of a big cat to discover it tucked under an acacia tree, still panting from his nightly hunts, sometimes chatting with the leader of a tribe, guardian of secular rites, or enjoying a South African wine with friends to the roar of a waterfall, or flying over vast landscapes in the silence of a hot air balloon…